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Senior Walk Wednesday May 25th
Graduation Matters at Mission!

St. Ignatius will have its first annual "Senior Walk" Wednesday,  May 25th at 8:30 am 

This will be part of our Graduation Matters Initiative! Our Seniors, in their caps and gowns, will parade the halls that got them to where they are going.  After senior projects, five year plan and 13-14 years of education, they are going to walk the walk one more time. They will walk every hall at every level that most of them have attended since they were in kindergarten.  All of you have had a hand in raising these fine young adults and this will be our chance to see them off right. 

We believe this will be a great reminder for the young students to see what they are aspiring to accomplish and look forward to taking the "Senior Walk" themselves one day! Please help us honor our seniors by stepping into the hall and giving our seniors a congrats, a back slap, handshake, a good job, a proud of you, a fist pump, a high five, a note from an underclassman, a picture, a sign, a poster or whatever would be appropriate to say what it is you or your students want said to our graduation class 2016!  

M.B.I Recognition 2015!

High School: Gold School  * Middle School: Bronze School * Elementary: Bronze School



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