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by Robert "Bob" Lewandowski

The Student Council President, Raymond Matt along along with High School Class Presidents made the following proclamation: "Mission Schools are hereby, from this day forward, BULLY FREE!" The proclamation came after students cited the following:

Bully Free Pledge

Bullying is not allowed in my school.
I will not hit, kick, shove or punch anyone or anything.
I will not tease, call names, or put people down.
I will not exclude and leave others out.
I will not gossip or spread rumors.
If I see someone being bullied, I will speak up and seek help.
I will treat everyone with respect and kindness.
This school’s safety, support and belonging depend on me.

2014-2015 Class Presidents (left to right): Sophomore Beedo Matt, Junior Jordyn Eichert, Freshman Trinity Lewandowski, Senior Raymond Matt.

The announcement was made during an ALL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY lead by Superintendent Lewandowski. The proclamation requires everyone to do their part. Most importantly it calls on each student to stand up and stop bullying by reporting it to an adult or providing some type of support to the targeted victim. Senior leaders were called forward to hand out the Bully Free Pledge and a Declaration of Contribution. Each student was given the documentation to take back to their classroom for further discussions.

Our school realizes that the fight against bullying will be constant and on going, but as a BULLY FREE school, we will do everything possible to eliminate bullying from taking place. There is no place for bullying behavior at Mission Schools. THE BULLYING STOPS HERE! Our school is a place of SAFETY, SUPPORT and BELONGING!

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