School District #28 Bond Information

Congratulations to our students and staff for their hard work and dedication to systems.

St. Ignatius School is a best practice school and hopes to have facilities to match our commitment to children of St. Ignatius

MBI ‘Gold’ School: St. Ignatius Elementary School

MBI ‘Gold’ School: St. Ignatius Middle School

MBI ‘Gold’ School: St. Ignatius High School

1st Reservation High School to Reach Gold – St. Ignatius, MT 2014

1st Reservation School to Reach Gold in All Schools in the District- St. Ignatius, MT 2016

2016 -‘Rilla’ Award- St. Ignatius, MT

2016 -7th Generation Award- St. Ignatius, MT

Public Meetings for Information: October 26th and 27th -6pm Board Room

Please Register to Vote: or Polson Court House

Please Vote: Tuesday November 8, 2016 St. Ignatius Elementary Gym

(Same time as the Presidential Election)

Building and Facility Needs:

The School District is in great need of facility/technology improvements.  The proposed improvements include safety concerns, and facility remodel, modernization and additions.  Building code, safety, and energy updates will also be made to existing interior space.  Safety and health concerns within our system will be our biggest priority.  Our priorities for improvements will include the addition of a Career and Technology Center for the purpose of future employment for our students.  We are in great need of career opportunities and training for all students.  The school wants our facility to be the center of our community with additional free wellness opportunities to workout, use the new gym and continue adult education.  We have a solid vision to have the very best opportunities for our students and community, opportunities that they deserve and drastically need. 

Deferred Maintenance:  Family Consumer Science Room convert to ART, Classroom Desks/Tables, Window Blinds Elem, Automatic Flushers, Fix MS/HS Lockers, Tennis Court Repair, Library Carpet, Maintenance Equipment, MS Cabinets, Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, Elementary Technology, Elementary Envelope, Elementary Roof, Gym Ceiling Repair and Air-Exchange.   

New Facilities: Career and Technology Center to prepare students for a productive future; New Locker Rooms since our current rooms no longer meet code; New Art Room to showcase our local talent; Modernized Bathrooms for public and student use; New Gym and Weight Room for community and student use, New Family &Consumer Science Facility for future career development.


COST: (Estimated with higher than expected Interest Rate)

St Ignatius Public Schools


General Obligation Tax-Exempt Bonds - 20 Year Term

Mill Levy Computation:

$5.6 million project


Principal Amount of Bonds:














  Estimated Annual Bond Payment Over 20 Years (1):





LESS:  Estimated Annual State Aid for Debt Service (2):





EQUALS:  Estimated Net Annual Debt Service:









DIVIDED BY:  FY 2016/17 Mill Value:





EQUALS:  Estimated Number of Mills Required:











Estimated Tax Increase for Individual Residential Taxpayer:

2015/16 Tax Year

2015/16 Tax Year











Residential Property(3)

Residential Property(3)



Tax (4)


















































 All property owners (including farming and ranching operations, commercial businesses, home owners etc…) should use the following formula to calculate the estimated tax impact of the Bond issue.

Taxable Value (From personal tax statement or column 3 above) X ("Mills/1000") = Estimated Annual Tax Impact.


*The last bond that was run for School Dist. #28 was in the early 1980’s.  All Improvements since the early 1980’s bond have been done with school impact aid dollars, which have not affected tax payers.  We are also going to apply for the Quality School Grant and Impact Aid Construction Grant to reach our goal.  All school construction including the envelope and additions were done with Impact Aid dollars and savings that are no longer available. 

Questions: Please Call Jason Sargent: 406-396-7839 or 406-745-3811 x 260 email:

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Recent awards we have been recognized for:

M.B.I Recognition 2016! ALL schools in our district are MBI Gold School Status!
High School: Gold School  * Middle School: Gold School * Elementary: Gold School

2016: Silverback Learning 'Rilla Award -School District #28 

2016: 7th Generation Award from the Montana Office of Public Instruction



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