Students/Parents/Community: Week 2

·       Food Pick up for Week 2 will be Tuesday, April 7 from 10am-1pm

·       Work Pick-Up will be on Tuesday and Thursday with with designated times depending on grade.

Education Plan for Week 2 and the Rest of the Closure:


Our long-term plans will be centered
on semester standards and educational
expectations.  This plan will be to continue what has already been
established as a best practice for School District #28.  Every teacher,
for every class will develop a semester test, evaluation, project or
documentation that will include the essential
understandings for every class and every grade.  These expectations
or a standard-based rubric that includes the essential understandings will be
sent to every student for every class so that every student knows exactly what
is expected of them to learn by the end of the year or the end or school
closure.  This evaluation of essential understandings will be broken down by
weeks or months so
students know how to pace their learning and expectations.  Teachers will
give students study guides, online enrichment, resources available on-line such
as Discovery Education, Gooru,  UTube,  Khan Academy or any of the
thousands of other resources available to students to learn the essential
understandings and expectations.  Students will know what they are
expected to learn and teachers can give progress monitors and/or check-ins
rather than send numerous hand-outs home.   The idea
will be to establish a process with
the end in mind.  What are our expected outcomes? When the closure is
or the end of the year, students will be brought back and we will assess
what was accomplished with the self-paced learning and essential
understanding.  We will assess effort and essential understanding of
standard achievement and proficiency.  This is how we will grade the 4th
quarter and the semester.  We will take into account the lack of support
and limited title I availability and grade accordingly.  The teachers
be expected to be available during certain times during the day for
phone calls
and support for students' understanding of material teachers feel is
for class completion. Teachers will be available from home, school,
meetings, learn@home on webpage or email.  If teachers choose to be at
home, we will need home phone numbers and/or cell phone numbers so
students can
get a hold of teachers during our established contact times.  Teachers
will be expected to respond in order to support students with evaluation
expectations.  The 4th quarter grade and semester grade will be based on
what was accomplished in terms of essential understanding of the
standards.  Elective classes may require a documentation log, project
completion or evaluation understanding of essential expectations.  We start with the end in mind, this is what a student
needs to learn, give them the resources to learn it and when they return we
will evaluate what was learned or accomplished for our essential understanding
expectations.  This evaluation is how we will grade and in the
elementary assess the standard understanding level with assessments upon
return.   This measurable outcome will give us the proficiency requirement
for all classes.  This will also cut down dramatically on the amount of
needed worksheets and back and forth work delivery.  We will break this
down to effectively measure the potential of every student.  Students that
do not put in the effort and accomplish expectations at a level deemed fair, the
teacher can fail or pass with an appropriate and equitable grade
designation.  At the elementary, standards rating of where they are at and
what they accomplished will be determined by each teacher for each
student.  Work, Study Guides, Online Enrichment, Plans, and Expectations
will continue until the end of the closure.  If we do not return to school
we will send home an end of the year assessment for students to take or at that
time decide whether or not it is safe to rotate them through for our final
assessments.  I believe this will be the best way to handle this situation
and cut down on the numerous amounts of work back and forth.  Give our students
the expectations of what is essential and support them the best way we possibly
can and hope we can use this time constructively to make gains.  We will
assess the students’ effort one way or another at the end of closure or school
year.  Principals will be giving directives in terms of availability times
and school specific expectations.  If you have questions, please contact
your building principal so we can clarify any confusion.  Counselors will be
available during school hours for any mental health, educational support and
crisis management.  Check in regularly with our at-risk students that will
need support during these times.  We will lead by example and I believe we
have the best plan to reach students and continue educational
expectations.  We will get our on-line and remote learning devices to as
many students as possible.  Matt Lyon and Jesse Nesper are working hard to
get all of you the right tools to best support students remotely.  We will
see this through successfully.  I am, as always, happy to be working for a
great community.  It is our time to shine, so give it your best.