Week 3

Students/Parents/Community: Week 3

Students/Parents/Community: Week 3

•       Food Pick up for Week 3 will be Tuesday, April 14 from 10am-1pm

•       Work Pick-Up will be the same day with designated times depending on grade Tuesday.   

•        Starting week 3: Buses will run Tuesday and Thursday leaving the school at 2pm.  

•        Student and Parents: At the end of this closure or end of the year students will be required to take an assessment that will indicate effort and essential understandings of expectations.  Teachers will determine the grade based on effort during the closure with work turned in, Google, Learn@home and online efforts and check-ins, end of the year assessment of effort and self-paced learning.  Students who are putting in the time, effort and competency of essential understandings will pass the semester.

Students who:

  • have not picked up packets
  • have not handed in work
  • have not checked in or completed online enrichment activities
  • have not made progress on their essential understandings… will not pass the semester.

The student body as a whole is doing a wonderful job with all of the expectations.  We have been very happy with the effort towards the essential understandings.  Keep up the great work!!  We are proud of all the students that are putting in the time and effort.  

Our open school hours will change in Week 3 to 8am-2pm so we can sanitize on a daily basis.