Driver Education

Remote Drivers Education St. Ignatius School District #28 is scheduled to begin. 

Monday, April 27th at 7pm-8pm: Parent Meeting Online link will be emailed to the student and parent (if email is provided).  Both students and parents must attend this meeting. 

Tuesday, April 28th-Thursday, May 28th Classes will be virtual from 3:00pm to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday. 

Thursday, May 28- Will be the Final Lesson and Written Test.
We will assess the best plan for conducting the driving portion of the class as soon as it is safe to proceed. 

Anyone who opts out will be reimbursed for the class.
Everyone who wishes to participate must have paid before the parent/student meeting. 

The last I heard JOM will not be paying for classes. 

Jason Sargent

St. Ignatius School District #28