Facility Roof Failing

I wanted to apologize for the fact that our school roofs leak.  Without being able to pass a bond and with being denied during the last legislative session for school infrastructure, we have no choice but to endure. Our school, which was number one on the prioritized list of schools in need of financial and infrastructure support, is not being properly supported by the state.  We currently have eight rooms that are leaking through the ceiling and onto the floor.  We have buckets and garbage cans in many classrooms which students are forced to learn around and tolerate.  This is not fair, nor should it be considered the norm for schools in Montana.   I believe it is not right for our students to have to learn in places where the ceilings are literally falling in front of their eyes.  As the leader of this school, I apologize for these conditions, and every effort over this next summer will be made to repair and fix this issue which has quickly climbed to the number one position in our long list of facility needs.