School Safety

Dear St. Ignatius Community,  

Given the recent events in Florida, I wanted to assure you that School District #28 takes the safety of your children seriously.   We will do whatever it takes to continue to practice and prepare for school safety.  Every door in our K-12 facility remains locked except for the two main entrances.  We have panic buttons placed strategically throughout the school which will immediately lock every door and notify everyone in the school to lock down.  Every door has a cable lock system so staff can lock down without needing to go into the hall.  We practice the lock down drill in as many situations as possible.   

Schools are safe; they will remain safe, as they have for many years.  We feel that school safety is our number one priority.  Please visit with your children about reporting any type of talk, threat, or warning that they hear at school, at home or on social media.  In most cases, students involved in shootings have given warning to other students verbally or through social media that adults do not hear.  Please talk to your children and report to the school if your student hears or sees anything that could jeopardize the safety of our school.  

Even though the odds are very low that we will ever experience a school shooting, we need to remain vigilant as a community and police our own.  If there is concern, or if you would like to express thoughts that will benefit school safety, the next board meeting on March 20th at 7pm will be open for discussion on this topic of school safety. 

Jason Sargent

School District #28 Superintendent