This information is “Unofficial” concerning the bond election results that we were notified of. Official Results will be released November 19, 2018.  School District #28 is thankful and humble from the support of voters who support the betterment of student opportunities in our community. At this time unofficial results were 704 in favor of School Bond and 617 against.  There are some provisional ballots that need to be reviewed.  Our goal moving forward will be to assure students are college and career ready with an emphasis on learning at all levels. We are committed to using any money that we receive to give students the very best opportunities for their individual future.  We are excited about the future opportunities and promise to work vigorously to give students, teachers, staff, guardians and community the very best. The students are thankful for the sacrifice community has made for their future. 

We are thankful to serve you. 

School District #28